Body Kneads Therapeutic Massage
by Darlene Jacobs
Benefits of Massage
  • Alignment - Chiropractic adjustments last even longer when muscles are properly relaxed. Muscles are prompted to restore to their optimal length thus balancing the body.
  • Arthritis - Hastens the elimination of harmful deposits. Can reduce inflammation and swelling thus alleviating pain.
  • Atrophy - Mobilizes joints and regenerates muscle tone resulting from inactivity. With a physicians recommendation, a physical therapy program is enriched.
  • Energy - Your muscles will function with improved potential when they are well balanced.
  • Healing - Healthful circulation enables the body to function better.
  • Immune system - Stimulates the blood and lymph glands, thereby bringing better nutrition to all the cells in the body.
  • Knots - Deactivation of trigger points through direct pressure relieves chronic muscular tension.
  • Recovery - Dissipates the harmful fatigue products that build up after strenuous work and exercise, reducing discomfort.
  • Sleeplessness - The relaxing effects of massage help you rest naturally.
  • Spasms - Radiating pain may dissipate with repeated therapy.
  • Stress - Massage triggers the body’s natural relaxation responses. Calms the body and mind.
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